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Letters to the Editor – Tim Covello is best candidate for judge

Tim Covello is best candidate for judge

I support Tim Covello for Superior Court Judge. As a recently retired deputy district attorney in this county, I have known both candidates for more than 20 years. Tim Covello is clearly the most qualified candidate.

Tim has on-the-job experience as a Superior Court Commissioner for two years. Prior to that, he worked in the courts for 23 years as a prosecuting attorney. His knowledge of the law and legal processes is exceptional. He brings fairness, respect and compassion to the courtroom. In his years of service to our community, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to public safety and an excellent work ethic. He has the support of 12 of the 13 currently serving judges, who work with him daily and know him well.

Superior Court judge is a non-partisan position; we voters have an opportunity to ignore politics and select the best person for the job. Tim Covello is the right choice.



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