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Judicial Endorsements

Tim Covello has the support of retiring Superior Court Judge Barry T. LaBarbera, plus 11 of the 12 other judges on the San Luis Obispo Superior Court.

They join Court of Appeals Justices Martin J. Tangeman and Elizabeth Baron, and seven retired Superior Court judges.

In addition, five Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judges have endorsed Tim, who served as one of that county’s two chief deputy district attorneys before his appointment as Commissioner of the SLO County Superior Court.

  • Hon. Martin J. Tangeman, Justice, California Court of Appeals
  • Hon. Elizabeth A. Baron, Justice, California Court of Appeals (Ret.)
  • Hon. Barry T. LaBarbera
  • Hon. Dodie A. Harman
  • Hon. Ginger E. Garrett
  • Hon. Charles S. Crandall
  • Hon. Linda D. Hurst
  • Hon. Jacqueline H. Duffy
  • Hon. Rita C. Federman
  • Hon. Gayle L. Peron
  • Hon. Craig B. Van Rooyen
  • Hon. Tana L. Coates
  • Hon. Jesse J. Marino
  • Hon. Hernaldo J. Baltodano
  • Hon. Donald G. Umhofer (Ret.)
  • Hon. Michael L. Duffy (Ret.)
  • Hon. Teresa Estrada-Mullaney (Ret.)
  • Hon. Roger T. Piquet (Ret.)
  • Hon. E. Jeffrey Burke (Ret.)
  • Hon. John A. Trice (Ret.)
  • Hon. Jac A. Crawford (Ret.)
  • Hon. Hugh F. Mullin III (Ret.)
  • Commissioner Sid B. Findley (Ret.)
  • Commissioner Patrick J. Perry (Ret.)
  • Hon. Patricia L. Kelly (Santa Barbara County)
  • Hon. John F. McGregor (Santa Barbara County)
  • Hon. Rogelio R. Flores (Santa Barbara County)
  • Hon. Gustavo E. Lavayen (Santa Barbara County)
  • Hon. James F. Iwasko (Santa Barbara County, Ret.)
  • Hon. Raquel Marquez (Riverside County)
  • Hon. Ryan J. Wright (Ventura County)

"He has the confidence of the bench."

- Hon. Rita Federman

Superior Court Judge

District Attorneys

Gerry T. Shea, District Attorney for San Luis Obispo County (Ret.)

Joyce Dudley, District Attorney for Santa Barbara County

Police Chiefs

Robert Burton, Chief of Police, Paso Robles
Jake Miller, Chief of Police, Pismo Beach
Beau Pryor, Chief of Police
Jim Gardiner, Chief of Police, San Luis Obispo (Ret.)
Gary Hoving, Chief of Police, Guadalupe

Jeff Norton, Chief of Police, Pismo Beach (Ret.)
Rick Terborch, Chief of Police, Arroyo Grande (Ret.)
Dennis Cassidy, Chief of Police, Paso Robles (Ret.)
Jim Mulhall, former Chief of Police, Atascadero

Deputy District Attorneys & Investigators

Jerret Gran, Chief Deputy District Attorney
Sheryl Wolcott, Chief Deputy District Attorney
Stephen Brown, Chief Deputy District Attorney (Ret.)
Cynthia Gresser, Chief Deputy District Attorney
Julie Antos, Deputy District Attorney
Andy Baird, Deputy District Attorney
Lindsey Bittner, Deputy District Attorney
Ann Bramsen, Deputy District Attorney
Louise Comar, Deputy District Attorney (Ret.)
Greg Devitt, Deputy District Attorney
Linda Dunn, Deputy District Attorney
Fabiana Fede, Deputy District Attorney
Karen Gray, Deputy District Attorney (Ret.)
Chrystal Joseph, Deputy District Attorney
Dave Johnson, Deputy District Attorney (Ret.)
Jon Kawashima, Deputy District Attorney
Linda Luong, Deputy District Attorney (Ret.)
Kelly Mandarino, Deputy District Attorney
Caryn Michaels, Deputy District Attorney (Ret.)
Sandy Mitchell, Deputy District Attorney (Ret.)
Rolayne Nelson, Deputy District Attorney (Ret.)
Dave Pomeroy, Deputy District Attorney (Ret.)
Kate Secrest, Deputy District Attorney
Danielle Wheeler, Deputy District Attorney
Kirk Wilson, Deputy District Attorney (Ret.)

Bill Hanley, Chief Investigator
Casey Neall, Assistant Chief Investigator
Terry O’Farrell, Assistant Chief  Investigator
Doug Odom, Chief Investigator (Ret.)
Mark Vallely, Assistant Chief Investigator (Ret.)
Matt Aanerud, Investigator
J.T. Camp, Investigator
Neil Clayton, Investigator
Chuck Denchfield, Investigator (Ret.)
Isabel (Funaro) Robles, Investigator (Ret.)
Scott Odom, Investigator (Ret.)
Cindy Marie Absey, Director of Victim Witness/Witness Assistance Division, District Attorney’s Office (Ret.)
Leigh Odom, Director, San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Bad Check Program (Ret.)
Debbie Vallely, Director of Victim Witness/Witness Assistance Division, District Attorney’s Office (Ret.)
Tracy Nix, Program Manager/Forensic Child Abuse Interviewer
Debbi Pascua, Supv. Legal Clerk I, District Attorney’s Office
Bobbie Hall, Supv. Legal Clerk II, District Attorney’s Office

Peace Officers

Arroyo Grande Police Officers Association
Grover Beach Police Officers Association
Paso Robles Police Officer’s Association
Pismo Beach Police Officers Association
San Luis Obispo County Sworn Deputy Sheriff’s Association
San Luis Obispo Police Officers Association
San Luis Obispo Police Staff Officers Association
San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Management Association
Tri-Counties Peace Officers Research Association of California
Martin Basti, Undersheriff, Sheriff’s Office (Ret.)
Ron Hastie, Chief Deputy, Sheriff’s Office
Aaron Nix, Chief Deputy, Sheriff’s Office
Craig Hendricks, Commander, Arroyo Grande Police Department (Ret.)
Dan Blanke, Captain, San Luis Obispo Police Department (Ret.)
Keith Storton, Captain, San Luis Obispo Police Department (Ret.)
Bart Topham, Captain, San Luis Obispo Police Department (Ret.)
Mark Miller, Commander, Pismo Beach Police Department (Ret.)
Ken Conway, Commander, Sheriff’s Office (Ret.)
Brian Hascall, Commander, Sheriff’s Office
Michael Manuele, Commander, Sheriff’s Office
Stuart McDonald, Commander, Sheriff’s Office
Keith Scott, Commander, Sheriff’s Office

Jim Taylor, Commander, Sheriff’s Office
Jim Voge, Commander, Sheriff’s Office
J.D. Cronin, Sergeant, Sheriff’s Office
Steve Odom, Sergeant, Sheriff’s Office
Pat Zucchelli, Detective, Sheriff’s Office
Rainer Bodine, Senior Deputy, Sheriff’s Office
Clinton Cole, Senior Deputy, Sheriff’s Office
David Marquez, Detective, Sheriff’s Office (Ret.)
Roger Degnan, Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff’s Office
Thomas Keating, Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff’s Office
Ian McFarland, Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff’s Office
Kevin Outram, Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff’s Office
David Zaragoza, Parole Agent III, Unit Supervisor (Ret.)
Lenore Gallagher, Juvenile Traffic Referee and Deputy Probation Officer (Ret.)
John Madden, Arson Investigator, San Luis Obispo Fire Dept (Ret.)
Steve Egan


Patty Andreen
Erica Flores Baltodano
Linda Blonsley
Gordon Bosserman
Mark Cali
Paul Clark
Chris Cobey
Kathy Eppright
Don Ernst
Doug Federman
Clay Hall
Jack Hindmarsh
Beth Marino
Ray Mattison
Martin Moroski

Michael Morris
Ziyad Naccasha
Nina Negranti
Roy Ogden
Eric Parkinson
John Ronca
John Spatafore
Lisa Sperow
Jere Sullivan
Lisa LaBarbera Toke
Michael Toke
Cherie Vallelunga
Tristan Verburgt
Scott Wall

Elected and Government Officials

Bill Monning, Senator, 17th District
Bruce Gibson, Supervisor, County of San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors, District 2
Shirley Bianchi, Supervisor, County of San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors, District 2 (Ret.)
Frank Mecham, Supervisor, County of San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors, District 1 (Ret.)
Steve Martin, Mayor of Paso Robles

Tom O’Malley, Mayor of Atascadero
Carlyn Christianson, Vice Mayor, San Luis Obispo City Council
Kristen Barneich, Arroyo Grande City Council
Andy Pease, San Luis Obispo City Council
Jeff Hamm, Health Agency Director
Jan Howell Marx, Former Mayor of San Luis Obispo, Attorney at Law
Gere W. Sibbach, County Auditor-Controller (Ret.)

Unions and Other Organizations

Central Coast Labor Council
IBEW Local 639
Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 403
Sierra Club

Other Community Members

Jenny Adams, Victim Advocate
David Akey
Ira and Marsha Alpert
Katchy Andrews
Jim and Linda Avila
Rebecca Baer
Melanie Barket
L.N. Benedict
Ellen Beraud
Dan Bertozzi, Jr.
Kim Bisheff
Michelle Blanc
Jim Brabeck
Jeff Brady
Tom and Pam Brown
Jennie Brunick
Connie Bruton
Carol and Ken Bych
Dr. Rushdi Cader
Albert and Pina Calizo
Christy Candaele
Sondra Cardwell, Superior Court Clerk
Roxanne Carr
Lori Caudill
Daniel Chinn
Phil and Kathy Cohl
Tom Comar
Cheryl Conway
Lyndia Corr
Kay-C Cronin
Phil Dauterman
Jerry Davis
Wendy-Deaton Carsel
Andrea Devitt
Dianne and Mike Draze
Susan Dressler
Bernie and Sue Duffy
John and Sandy Dunn
Wendy Eidson
Steve Egan
Fred Fink
Roger Gambs
Elaine Gardiner
Elaine Genasci
Bev Gingg
Jack Girolo
Dian Gran
Christine Granados
Phyllis Guaspari
Roy Hall
Gary and Muriel Harkins
Pat Harris
Yvonne Helms
Michael Heyl
Tawnee Hosick
Amy Howell, Superior Court Clerk
Steve Jobst
Charlie and Sue Joslin
Jeanne and Todd Katz
Jerry Kelly
Mary Kleeman
Jim Kozlovich
Kristi Krutsinger, CEO, WHAR Wolf Inc.
Dee Lacey
John Lacey
Dr. Henry Lee
Duane Leib
Kathy Levow
Alisa Maddren
Malina Maldonado
Lisa Manuele
Kathy Martindelcampo
Coleen Mattison
Jocelyn McCurry
Madalyn and Jerry McDaniel
Leslie and Gregg Menges
Jean and Matt Moelter
Judy Money
Kitty Norton
Lisa Ray Outram

Pete Pepper, Veterans Advocate
Lee Perkins
John and Roz Phillips
Cyrus Ramezani
Carol and Ted Rich
Keith and Nancy Roach
Susan Robinson
George Rosenberger
Joanne Beaule Ruggles
Phil Ruggles
Jay and Tina Salter
Jan Scott
Dr. Cammy Shields
Lisa Simon
Ivan Simon
John Snetsinger
Cindy and Mark Sparling
Melanie Spencer
Rev. Jack Springer
Judy Springer
Roger Steele
Rev. J. Robert Stimmel
Tom and Mary Tanner
Erin Taylor
Michael and Sue Tindell, local business owners of SIGN HERE, Paso Robles
Victoria Tooley
Julie and Mal Towery
Mary Trice
Claire Trout
Marissa Trujillo
Dr. Ping Tsao
Betsy Umhofer
Dick and Laurel Waddell
Wendy Waldron
Debra and Don Warden
Ray Weymann
Bryan Wheeler
Bruce Whitcher
Deedle Whitcher
Coleen and Rick Wolfe
Mavis Wong
Rosemary Wrenn, Chair, SLO County Democratic Party
Chuck Young
Julie Zafiratos

* Titles/Agencies listed for identification purposes only.

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