Protect All Dome And Steeple Icons

At the time this informational article was being conceptualized, written and then published on the internet, the social media conversations, chat rooms, town hall conventions, global forums, and the like, were abuzz over the implications of global warming and climate change. Laws have been enacted and pledges continue to be made. This is likely to continue until such time that the natural environment shows remarkable improvements. Realistic projects suggest that even if drastic measures are enacted and carried out and put into practice, positive developments could still take years to materialize.

capitol dome restoration

Such has been the impact of mankind’s destructive everyday habits. But while these conversations carry on, and measures are reciprocated in like fashion, how much is being said and done about all the towns’ necessary steeple and capitol dome restoration, care and maintenance requirements. Perhaps in the hubbub of these anxious moments and actions in regard to the precarious condition of the towns’ surrounding natural environments, this is easily forgotten. To err in this manner could still be forgiven, because this is what makes everyone, churchgoers, temple visitors, Muslim devotees, Shul scholars, legislators and administrative clerks, human.

Man’s destructive behavior has had a negative impact on all or many towns’ local heritage sites. From the town hall to your neighborhood church or mosque, these are all your heritage. It is a part of who you are. It is a reflection of your town’s history. It is your religion of birth. It is your religion of choice. Heavy levels of pollution and extreme weather patterns continue to batter your domes and steeples. So, the next time you decide to attend a town hall meeting and restoration, care and maintenance work, as well as its accompanying budgets, are proposed, do not shout it down, support it.