Add a Secret Room to Your Home

Building a custom home is exciting. You’re in control of the design and each room that goes inside the home. You’ll be the first to live in the home and have access to all-new appliances and fixtures. Why not do something different than everyone else and add a secret room when building your new home?

What is a Secret Room?

A secret room is one that is hidden by a door that is built-into the wall. Only those who know the door is there can access the room. No one else will ever suspect a thing. Adding on a secret room is a fun way to create a unique home that adds intrigue to your life.

Types of Secret Rooms

The secret room options available to you are endless. No matter what you have in mind, it’s easy to talk to custom home builders toms river nj and design the perfect room for your home. A few examples of great secret rooms include:

·    Wine Room: A secret wine room is fun! It’s a common room in luxury homes, so make sure that you blend in with the crowd with this secret room. Store all of your delectable bottles of wine in this room!

·    Office: If you work at home or otherwise have the need for a home office, why not add it on to the home as a secret room? It becomes easier to work when no one knows the room is around.

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·    Master Suite: A secret master suite is a fun addition for couples. It’s the room of romance and quality sleep as well as exquisite design. It’s an amazing room addition.

Secret rooms are still unique and fun and certainly a great addition to add to your home. The examples above are just a few ideas for secret rooms that are sure to please. Don’t you want this mysterious, fun addition in your home?